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The Rhodes Community Garden needs your help!!!

When: THIS FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 20 at 12:30 pm (we’ll be working for a few hours, so you can join in later if you need to)

What: We are doing a huge project that will require a lot of volunteers to remove sod, till the soil, edge the garden, and lay bricks

Where: Rhodes College Community Garden behind the baseball field near the Jackson Gate

What’s in it for you?

  • Free pizza
  • An afternoon in the beautiful garden
  • My eternal gratitude
  • Good karma

If you think you or someone you know might be able to help, please let me know ASAP!

-Taylor Sieben

A long overdue harvest from the garden.  Hope y’all like cucumbers!
#Rhodes #GardenStruggles

Here is a final picture of the garden.  Stop by the Local Lynx Farmers’ Market this fall to try some of our produce!

July 26th - Our Last Day

It seems as though this summer has flown by!  This morning we meet with Christian Man from the Memphis Center for Food and Faith to turn in all of our completed Grower Surveys.  Yesterday we went to the West Memphis Farmers’ Market and the South Memphis Farmers’ Market to complete a couple more surveys. 

We are going to spend the rest our day making some final adjustments to our poster, and then spending a little time out in the garden. 

It has been fun!

July 24th

This morning we worked in the garden.  We have had a lot of rain lately so we have to make sure that it doesn’t negatively impact the plants.  We also want to deal with the weeds as well as possible before our time is up.

This afternoon we are working inside on our poster.  Tomorrow we plan to go to two farmer’s markets and finish up our surveys for the Memphis Center for Food and Faith.

July 23rd

This is our last week and we are trying to finish up our work in the garden and with our other projects.  Yesterday was our last day at McMerton but we will definitely be back in the fall! Now we are trying to finish up weeding the garden so that the next month can just be maintenance.  We are also trying to finish up our projects, proposals, and surveys.  We have a lot to do this week!

July 20th

We went to McMerton for one of the last times this summer and took a couple of pictures:

The first is of the kids taking a water break and the second is of us weeding a row of bush beans.  

We have also been seeing big harvests from our garden:

We have a ton of cucumbers and some squash, basil, okra, and peppers.  Hopefully it will keep producing so well into the school year!

July 19th

Yesterday we spent the morning weeding and edging.  The garden is looking especially our cucumbers.

There was huge storm that came through Memphis yesterday, so we ended up taking the afternoon off.

Today we spent part of the morning working in the garden and then went inside to work on our poster and herb spiral proposal. 

July 17th

We only spent a little while in the garden today weeding and watering and then we went indoors to plant some cover crops in the lab and then work on our final project.  The project is coming along nicely and we have really honed in on our topics and subtopics.  Not too much to say about the garden except that mostly everything is looking good!

July 16th


We have been working hard in the garden for the last few days. As we have been doing all summer, we have been working on dealing with the weeds. We dug out around the raised beds and put cardboard around them.

We have also been working on farmer surveys, our final project, and at Mc Merton as usual.

Here is some of the cucumbers from our garden!

July 12th

We spent the morning working in the garden doing the ususal weeding and watering.  Our tomato plants are looking a little sad.  Their leaves are rolling up, but they are still growing tall!  Thankfully the cumcumber plants that were planted sometime last spring are doing great!  Some of the okra plants have tiny okra as well as the eggplants and the yellow squash. 

July 11th

Today we worked the morning in the garden mulching underneath the squash and trees.  We then came inside and started to work on our final project which we are doing on soil and compost.  Later today we will continue to work on our project and go to the Germantown Farmer’s Market

July 10th

Today we started off our day in the garden.   We had the usual tasks of weeding, watering, and plant maintenance.  This afternoon we went to the Botanic Garden Farmers Market to work on the farmer surveys.  The vendors here were really nice and willing to answer our questions.  One of the vendors even gave us some of her sweet corn afterwards!